Destilerias Ibiza Waves

If there is A liquor which connects us with Ibiza with it’s beatiful countryside, it’s flamish beaches and never ending sunsets, it is without any doubt our Hierbas Ibicencas!

Destilerias Ibiza Waves
Hierbas Ibicencas & Ibiza​

Hierbas has it roots on the Balearic Islands where monks living on the islands during the middle ages discovered that the islands’ microclimates helped giving the plants and herbes very specific properties which were beneficial for body and mind. 

The monks started cultivating wild herbs and alcohol for medicinal use but is wasn’t untill the late 1800s, by using techniques obtained from travelers to the mainland, the production of Hierbas was formalized.


Hierbas is an aniseed-flavored liqueur made extracting aromas of various plants such as camomille, fennel, thyme among others in the presence of other plants found on the Islands and is characterized by varying degrees of sweetness.

Many families have homemade varieties using their own family recipe. These recipes have often been passed on from generation to generation and are often kept secret.

In 1997, Hierbas Ibicencas was given a geographical indication to protect the name and guarantee the quality of the product and to prevent unfair competition.

Destilerias Ibiza

Sharing the richness of Ibiza while preserving it’s legacy is what it’s all about for Juan Fluxa

Juan Fluxa

The Ibizan Juan Fluxà is one of the biggest defenders of the local products of island and founded Destilerías Ibiza in order to promote the traditional products of the land, such as herbs and liquors, updated with a touch of modernity.

His dream was to bottle the heart of the Ibizan forest in an absolutely natural and artisanal but also by staying true to his legacy and honoring their family recipe

Passion for Ibiza

Destilerías Ibiza was born from the passion for land, local plants and artisan work which Juan has acquired over the years in the family business.


Hierbas Ibicencas with a designation of origin, such as ours, are obtained after the maceration, distillation and infusion of plants by combining them with sugar and alcohol. The elaborated product must have an alcoholic strength of between 24 and 38% vol and the sugar content must not exceed 250 grams per liter of the final product.

For our Hierbas Ibicencas we use old copper maceration vessels with which we distill for 18 hours on a low gas fire. 

Own organic botanical garden

The 18 plants we use for our family recipe (among which frígola, rosemary, sage, Hierba luisa, mint, Eucalyptus, etc.) come from our very own botanical garden. 

We only use organic plants without added flavorings, which makes us recognized as a traditional agrifood industry.

Artisan letter

As recognition for their hard work to preserve the old ways and stay true to their legacy Juan Fluxa has received their artisan Letter (C’arta D’artesa) from the Ibizian Governement.

Carta Artesana juJuan Fluxa

From our organic botanical garden, where we grow our ingredients, to our Hierbas Ibicencas destilerie is just a few steps away …. Do you know an equivalent? No, it’s unique to IBIZA.

The authentic taste of Ibiza is here

How it all began
A story about 3 friends, Ibiza, and their shared passion for food and drinks…

How it all began

Daniel fell in love with Ibiza and its free spirit after the first holiday he spent there when he was 18 years old. After a few months back home he decided to move to Ibiza.

As one of the founding partners of The Croissant Show, still a reference and legend on the Island, and working as a promoter and manager for several big clubs in Ibiza, Daniel became friends with several locals and like minded.

Sharing his passion

When moving to Belgium to share his passion for good food with the rest of the world, Daniel met Wendy in one of his restaurants and it wasn’t long before she lost her hart to both Daniel and Ibiza.

Daniel's Passion For ibiza

Promoting beautiful Ibiza and it’s products

Over the years, Ibiza has become a second home for both, and it was during one of their visits Daniel and Wendy met up with Juan Fluxa, an old friend for many years.

The idea of joining forces to promote Ibizian products, and Hierbas in particular, all over Europe was discussed many times before, but it was during one of their legendary dinner parties (and maybe after one too many Hierbas) they decided to go for it…

“Daniel, Wendy and Juan want to share their passion for Ibiza and it’s food and products through their very own Hierbas Ibicencas.”

How to enjoy our Hierbas

Hierbas Ibicencas can be drank pure or with ice, as a digestive after a good meal, or as main ingredient for the most refreshing cocktails

Pure/On the Rocks
Pure: shot or small whisky glass: 5 cl destilerias Ibiza Hierbas On the rocks: whisky glass 5 cl - Icecubes
Preparation in Whisky Glass - 5 cl Hierbas Ibicencas - 5 cl limoncello - Fill up the glass with crushed ice - Mash everything on the glass - Fill up with Mediterranean Tonic water - Garnish: slice of lime and mint leaves
Mojito Ibicenco
Preparation in Wiskey Glass - 5 cl Hierbas Ibicencas - 3 cl fresh lime - 1 spoon Brown sugar or cane sugar - 6-8 leaves of mint - Mash everything on the glass, Fill up the glass with crushed ice, Fill up with soda ginger ale - Garnish with lime and leaves of mint
Mojito Ibicenco Royal
Preparation in large cocktail glass - 5 cl Hierbas Ibicencas - 3 cl fresh lime - 1 spoon Brown sugar or cane sugar - 6-8 leaves of mint - Mash everything on the glass - Fill up the glass with crushed ice - Fill up the glass with Cava - Garnish with lime and leaves of mint
Sunset spritz
Preparation Shaker - Glass bolglass - 5cl de hierbas Ibicencas - 2 cl fresh lemon juice - 2 cl fresh pomelo juice red - 2 cl fresh Orange juice - Infuse with sliced lemon, apple and leaves ibiscus - Add ice to the shaker - Shake and serve - Fill up with ginger beer
Hierbas Sangria by Ladychef Sofie Dumont
200ml Hierbas - 400ml pear juice - 1 bottle Cava - 2 cut rhubarb stems - 1 cucumber - Icecubes - Garnish: cucumber & rhubarb stems
Watermelon Martini
Preparation Shaker - Glass Martini Glass - 2 cl vodka - 2 cl hierbas Ibicencas - 8 cl fresh watermelon juice - 1 cl watermelon monin sirup - 2 cl fresh lime - Add ice to the shaker - Shake and serve
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